Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Lost iPod Touch

Well played, sir!

lost ipod touch

Peyton Manning after NFL Super Bowl XLVIII


Well That Sucked


World’s Best Grandma




Epic Block

Epic Block

Manti Te’o’s girlfriend…NAKED

Finally a picture of his girlfriend surfaces…

Manti's GF Naked


iPhone Auto Correct

Good save…

Whitney Houston Candlelight Vigil

By far the best way to say thanks for all the highs (and lows)…


Bring On The Taks Test…

No worries, DISD doesn’t F around. ┬áSo if they say they’re ready, they’s ready.

Libyan Hipster

Sheen 2012

It’s about time we got someone in office that truly stands for what they believe in.

Compliments to Braeden on the excellent find.

Flavoured Soup Mix Fail