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Quit stealing our letters



He bite me in my vagina

“Stupid owner, stupid dog. Wait for the WTF at 1:30”


Texts From Last Night

Damn this website for bringing so much funny. And, representing from my old stomping ground, the 916!



Don’t Touch The Girls

Where is this from? Is it a movie? Dammit! This has been bothering me all morning…


Cloud Thoughts

Clever, funny and clever…


Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condoms

Buying them brand new is overrated. You won’t believe how much money you can save by buying condoms used.


Michael Jackson is over capacity

Salutations my friend.



Bill Engvall



If Everyday Life was Directed by Michael Bay asked for some photoshopped submissions that would represent acclaimed director Michael Bay’s everyday life images. Seems suiting as the new Transformers movie hits theatres this week. There are a few funny ones, but this is my favorite…



One thing about Helen is that she’s always been down to party. In college she did some crazy shit
with a sex swing and a can of stewed tomatoes. She’s one of those girls that always needs a little
adventure in the bedroom, or church confessional booth, or back of a rickshaw.

So when her f-buddy Norm recommended they do 21 minutes of sexercise, you can’t imagine the
excitement that went through her mind. “How orange will the lights be?” she asked. “How many
synthesizers and saxophone players will be there?” she wondered.


My Fortune



I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer

Some of you may have seen this funny image floating around the internets for the past several weeks. Turns out, it actually belonged to someone, and that someone had a mother. The mother decided to respond. This is probably a fake (with names like, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones, for Christs’ sake) but at least it’ll offer a chuckle. Happy Friday!!!


Eat Like Kings

Oh Gary Larson, thanks for the two decades of laughs…


Everyone Loves Garfield!


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Santa’s Tombstone