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State Barn

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Paper or Plastic? I’ll take crotch.

I love advertising! P.S. – this model guy needs a latte or something…



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Good Stuff.

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Hannah Montana’s Cherries

Pop it in your mouth!


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45% of Americans…

So, there’s this website that I enjoy clicking through, until I came across this little fact. Jesus, how mind blowing.

I remember a few years ago when I learned that a pickle is actually a cucumber. Changed my world! Either way, best of luck to my new astronomers.



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Learn from my Mistakes #123

Mitch Fatel is hilarious. I’ve watched his standup for several years and now I can catch up with him by the minute on this new invention called twitter or something. Check it!



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Keyboard Cat

I must admit that I have a bias. I am the owner of a record label and I’m always looking for new talent, so when I came across this I thought, “Keyboard Cat is so famous, and this feline is younger, cuter and probably more versatile. I’m going to be rich!”

Upon flying to New Zealand (where this cat lives), I soon learned that I was terribly wrong. First, and completely news to me, Keyboard Cat is not real. Second, this cat has absolutely no musical talent.

Either way, I signed the kitty for a three year deal and a $250,000 advance in hopes that at least these dancing lessons will pay off. You gotta spend money to make money, ‘eh?


Keyboard Cat himself, after the fold.

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Get Out of My Picture!

So, there we are, just minding our own business, setting up a beautiful photo of my lover and Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park-Canada when some stupid humans ruin the shot.

I told Vanessa to hold still as I readied the focus and centered the shot when these two sophomoric homo-erecti decide to photobomb my shit and make complete asses of themselves. Ridiculous!



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I kissed a girl, and I liked it, then I went to Hell

Katy Perry sang how she enjoyed her make-out session with a member of the same sex and pastor David M. Allison was pissed. So mad, Allison changed his church’s sign, granted nationwide interviews to news organizations, and preached about how un-biblical same sex relationships are.

True, this happened several months ago, but I don’t have cable, and fuck, this song is catchy…


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Porn Star or Potato?

I found this gem while kicking around twitter. My score was a 13, beat me – but know, it’s harder than you think.


[] found by @robbyanderson

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Chuck Norris vs. Paper

chuck norris paper throw at student

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Breast Feeding Baby Doll

Bebe Gloton, preparing teenagers for pregnancy one step at a time.

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We Can’t Think of a Caption for This…


submitted by Homebass

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Abraham Lincoln in Escape From LA


But, in case you don’t know what we’re talking about, try this…


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Planned Parenthood Protestors

Craigslist! I love you!!



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