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Men, you must make a decision


“Men, you must make a decision: Embroidered blouse (yes, that’s a blouse) or standing like that. You absolutely cannot do both.

This is why 9/11 happened.”


One A Day Is Enough, Thanks

Oh UnfortunateNames – we love you!



It’s a Guy Thing


When the Wife Don’t Listen

Jesus, this video came out a year and a half ago, so what’s the deal with the new spike in interest? My mother and father both told me about it last week, then Homebass sends it to me today.

I got a chuckle, but I didn’t think it was that hilarious. But then again the funny video I helped make has 453 views and this has 86,355 – oh well. Enjoy, you savages.

CAN’T STOP thinking about you

Lindsay W. sent this in, stating, “I feel no need to explain the hilarity.”

Lindsay, this story of love at first sight is amazing. Imagine every time you think of your lover the words Maxi-Pad, Walmart and Budweiser are associated with your memories. Love is beautiful!

CAN'T STOP thinking about you


Doritos: Like a Gentle Kick in the Nuts

Erik sent me this, “i have a feeling these chips say ‘rob’ on them somewhere.” bitch



My Kelloggs Customer Complaint

Tim sent in this brilliant letter. We are sorry for your troubles…

P.S. – This marks our 500th post! Hopefully our 22 readers will enjoy it as much as Tim did.


Redneck Mansion

Where are the butler’s quarters?



Run Fridge, Run!


Leave Your Kids at Home

I’m away this weekend with the girlfriend, but thought I’d update you with this brilliant sign I found at Boeger Winery in California.

Please, don’t bring your kids to wineries.


Post No Bills

giggle, giggle!

post no bills



Dammit, this site just kills me, every time. I love it so much. My Life Is Average is so brilliant!


The Good Samaritan

I love Passive Aggressive Notes, pure genius, but this sign would be so much better if they didn’t use Comic Sans.

the good samaritan


Touched by An Angel

We haven’t been by Awkward Family Photos in a while, and they are definitely keepin’ it real – thanks AFP.

I love aaron’s comment, especially, “I came for the ridiculous angel wings and modified bowl cut, I stayed for the most uncomfortable hand-holding in the history of photography/ bad grade 8 relationships.”



Stevie Wonder on Twitter

I’m so sad twitter suspended this account, damn.