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Heinz, telling it like it is

Never mind, just go back to beating your wife.

Heinz Soups

Product Placement WIN


Silly String Prohibited

The 36 hours no fun zone starts NOW



When Life Gives You Lemons…



Milk, Taylor Swift CDs, Socks, Caskets

This was the cool thing to find this week – Walmart selling caskets online. A few people sent these in, but Jessica Z. was first so she get’s the credit.

First, it seems everyone has some sort of opinion about this, that’s great. This should not be the first time that Walmart has shocked you. Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and will sell anything it can. I fully expect them to start selling real estate, insurance, human organs, and brides within the year.

Second, Costco has been selling caskets for over a year already. Their website has a menu button called “Funeral

Sorry to be such a dickbag, I’ve got a nasty cold…

P.S. – I love how the most of these are “Out of Stock Online” already – someone’s buying them…
P.P.S. – If their website ever stops having technical difficulties, some people have written pretty funny reviews of these.


Butt.Finger Blast

“Yeah, I’ll take two scoops of chocolate swirl and one scoop of butt….. what the hell?”



B Team

Erik calls this the B Team. Why? Why?



Careless Women Never Appeal to Gentlemen

Jeez, look at how pissed this guy is. “Ssshhhhh, ssshhhhhh Mary, no talking. The smell of your neck gives me a soft-on but your constant jabber jaw is a real boner killer.”



Have you been to It’s brilliant!


Complaint #522

There’s never enough bicycle parking at the farmer’s market.

Complaint #511

our pizza stone cracked in half while it was in the oven. Lame, we’ve only used it 3 or 4 times.

Complaint #507

I can’t watch The Wire without the subtitles turned on

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

They’re cheap, effective and incredibly racist! P.S. – We’re not really using “Oriental” anymore…


Can you believe this one


The was the result of googling gross costumes. Fucked up, huh?



I was searching for a Dr. Zoidburg costume when I found this gem.

Governor Gives State Assembly the Finger



The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas

OMGod! If you can’t wait to get your hands on these vaginas you can buy the book on Here’s a sample review:

This book entered my life at a time when I was feeling more or less ‘eh’ about my vagina. Like, I’d wake up in the morning, first thought: ‘I’ve got a vagina.’ Next thought: ‘Yeah, so?’ — Not anymore. In my mind, at least, my private parts have progressed from the drab Middle Ages to a Technicolor Age of Aquarius. Let the sunshine in.


P.S. – It looks like there are still two USED coloring books you could save a few bucks on!

If it’s going in my mouth, it has to be black

3:45 – booyah!