Monthly Archives: November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

While tending bar the other night, my doorman (Phil Blass) made me this lovely thanksgiving holiday card. More to come.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Napkin

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Thanks to Lauren W. for the find! I like the selective lyrical editing they did to make it kid friendly.

Museum of Bad Art

Have you visited the Museum of Bad Art? Pretty f-ing great!



My First Dictionary

Taryn L. emailed to remind us how great My First Dictionary is.

Thanks Taryn “UNH” pelvic thrust


Rihanna’s IQ is 117


Burger King Door



Ludacris on C-SPAN

Whoa, whoa, whoa… What is going on with this channel? Why is “Ludacris” on C-SPAN? And why are they calling him a “Rapper & Actor”? This must be some terrible mistake!


Life in HD

WHAT? You mean to tell me I’ve been seeing in Standard Definition this whole time? I bet looking through my own eyes and being able to see in High Definition is AmAZINg!!!



Street Girls

Seriously? Does this happen that often they needed to make a sign?


The Cable Guy’s Revenge

This is the reason why we love Passive Aggressive Notes so much, for having brilliance like this.



Weekend Forecast


Law Fail

Alex U. wrote us back and pointed our attention to Yahoo! Answer Fail. Pretty damn funny. Best of luck Annyong


Dear Criminals

An ocarina? AHAHAHAHA!!!



All 193% of Republicans

Thanks Fox News



Please stop, it’s never gonna happen!


Daniel’s To-Do List (how to get her back)

  • Change name, keep phone number! (clever)
  • Apply for job at Quiznos
  • Don’t read Tucson’s Missed Connections Craigslist page

I’m crossing my fingers for you buddy, sounds like this can happen!