Monthly Archives: January 2010

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

I am in love with the new site Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Featured Sandwich – Meatloaf

Featured Sandwich – Fish

a whistling sound when peeing?

I love the second response. Genius!

Scott Meets Family Circus

Subtle, hilarious – check out the site for more…

I’ve got something for you!

My Little Dildo Pony

WHAT? Homebass sent this in – pretty damn funny, and I think that “child” is a little person…

Wendy’s SoNnNnNnN



Baby Hanging Station?

I suppose, not having kids, I’ve never noticed this before…


Lunch Notes from my Permanent Roommate

“Anyway, when we have leftover dinner, the permanent roommate (the wife) packs us both a lunch. Since they look identical, she started leaving a Post-It note so I would know which lunch was mine. At first they just said Chris but I guess she got bored with just writing my name. She started writing funny messages. I saved my favorites.”

Piece of Meat

We haven’t been to People of Walmart in a while. They’re still doin’ their thang…

You Ready, Grandma?

Make Your Own Sex Toys

Oscar the Grouch

wow, this comic has really picked up. check out their archives.

What is Bukkake?

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

Emily J. told us we should check out the website, Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.

It’s pretty good for a laugh – but I wish they were still updating it…

Youtube Sunshine

I just realized that we haven’t been to Youtube Sunshine in a long time and decided to check it out again.

This is what I got right out of the gate!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!

I guess the (sunshine) part isn’t working anymore.