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Say Cheese!

Thank you Awkward Family Photos – for continuing to deliver quality awkwardness…

Lose 20 pounds in one week?

It’s Friday!

Jersey Shore Dress Code

Let’s guess what kind of establishment this is: a church? a Best-Buy? the floor of the US Senate?

and, sheeeeeooootttt boi, have you seen this? Little Jersey Shore – INCREDIBLE


Don’t forget to put gasoline in the Buick!!! :)

Behold, the most hilarious and disturbing shopping list that was ever found in a Walgreens parking lot:


Justin Timberlake and the Art of Presenting Well

Just kickin’ around the web and I find this gem! Amazing!!!


Super Mario Land

This is beyond amazing. I only wish it had more swear words…

Bea Arthur, Mountains, Pizza

You’ve seen Selleck Waterfall Sandwich? Try this!


Lauren found this. Pretty wonderful!

Define: Scarf


I Hate Vaginas

Rob Luciani runs a brilliant website; he made this – maybe because of a story he read here, maybe because it’s true. BOOYAH!!!

Check out his other stuff, pretty great.

I Hate Vaginas

Pink Freud

I feel like I’m in Tokyo for some reason

Graphs Are Sexy

I see the beginnings of a great idea brewing…

graphs are sexy

Room For Rent!

HELLS YEAH! I think I just found my dream apartment!!!!!!!!


Epic Beard Man

We posted about Epic Beard Man earlier this week, actually – RIGHT HERE – then Natalie L. send this in. Let’s order some shirts!