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Incredible! I’ve been following this guy for some time now, and while his posts have suffered lately, he still pumps out gems like this every once and a while…


I Need A Taco

and a Pacifico, and some chips and guacamole



Alex U. sent this in…


This is why you’re wrong

I love this!


Oh Jesus, it has begun…

Newlyweds on the Job

I just heard about this today, and it’s wonderful.

Guy’s best man rigged the newlywed’s bed to tweet each time they have sex – brilliant.

Follow in real time…

Lawn & Order


Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, you jerks…

Fax Machine Timeline

AHAHAHA! A client of mine asked me to fax over the contract and after I was done laughing I emailed it. Who has fax machines anymore?


Breakdance Competition

Check-Up In Chelsea : Embarrassing Dental Results

My friends made this hilarity! Check out their other youtube stuff…

Graphic Designers

yeah, what he/she said

Oh Getty. you crack me up.

As a designer I spend hours everyday sifting through photos on getty. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder when anyone would EVER purchase and use these images. They are by far the best image bank, but c’mon. (that last part was thrown in case they read this and think about deleting my account.

1). Need an image to represent safe sex in India? How about a few guys smirking around a wooden, sheethed cock?

2). Perhaps you are designing a billboard with the title “Honk if you like breastfeeding!” This is your image.

3). I can’t even think of a joke use for this one. A scantily-clad, multi-generational, asian, massage chain. Ah of course for an all ages spa in Hong Kong. “Mom… Dad!, Can I rub Grandpa down?”

4). Got poop?

Vagina Can

Eight glasses of water a day? Alright, I’ll do it


Advertise Here!

pretty sneaky…

P.S. – this is right around the corner from me, actually!

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