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Friday Rewind

We haven’t been to Erotic Falconry in a while. Let’s see how they’re doing

Ah, still good. My weekend has been made!

GTFO Evolution

Yeah, for real – there’s some magic ’bout to happen up in this shit!


Full House

Ah, just like I remembered it!


She wants to still be friends…


Your Retarted

Your Retarted

caps lock


have you seen this flier?

Nickelback lyrics

I’ve never seen “Lost” nor have I ever heard an entire Nickelback song, but for some reason, I found this so damn hilarious!


Friday Rewind

Found this gem from July 2, 2009!

Food Pyramid

ah, to dream!

food pyramid

RE: Guy At Starbucks on Bundy – m4w – 28 (Los Angeles)

Thank you Tom Oatmeal. You’re so damn incredible.


I’ve fallen in love with a new site that lets you vote endlessly to create a worldwide Most Awesomest Thing Ever.

Help settle the battle of most awesome. How would you answer this question?

most awesomest thing ever

The Shallot

Alex U. recommended we check out “The Shallot” who says

Just because I don’t write for The Onion, doesn’t mean I can’t write for The Onion.

Albert Pujols

Waiting for Bieber

Wondertonic, one of the funniest things to happen to the internet lately, has released

You may not know that Justin Bieber’s fans beg him to follow them several times a minute. Now you can keep track of it all with waiting for bieber.