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Excuse Me

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excuse me, I was looking at the water


Free Oil


snow darth vader

Burrito Express

A friend of mine spotted this commercial. It is wonderful!

From what I have deduced, the company who made this does not consider it a joke. They have made dozens of sub-par TV commercials for businesses around New Mexico. Check out their channel. It’s almost frightening that companies are paying for this…

Burrito Express from ACME TV of New Mexico on Vimeo.

My Real Father

I love like I love my family.

bluntcard kicks ass

Professional Fonts

I ran across this last week and couldn’t help but chuckle. We are true haters!

Comic Sans complaint

Crown Fried Chicken

willzone wondered, “Is this a real turned on person? Or is this a brilliant detective?”

Crown Fried Chicken

I fully support prop 19.

Most of you are aware of prop 19 in California. The opposition is aware too.

I originally was going to make fun of them by using less than perfect grammar in the title, but I looked at it later, and I just felt retarded.

DJ Howard

Howard DJs like a mad cunt

Topical Humor

guys, guys, guys – this is real life

topical humor


Too Many Videogames

too many periods



is he still wrong?

is he still wrong

Mad Men: The Drinking Game


Made Men Drinking Game


Size Matters

MixedBoxingGirl sent this in.
As I’m a giant myself, I can’t tell you how true this is.