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50 Cent on Twitter

It’s so beautiful! – for real



I’d actually like to see the worse one, too.




Not that my hearing is bad, but I’m still trying to figure out why this is funny…


Boob Apron / Cami Secret

“Life sucks enough as is, and at times, getting a peak at cleavage is all men have to look forward to…”

Bob Ross is Awesome

Bob Ross is Awesome


finnish hymn!!

Sex With Your Girlfriend

Wait, what?

Sex with your girlfriend


Hungover Owls

Found a new single serving site – Hungover Owls. Maybe the next post will be about owls, too. Stay tuned…


How to Draw an Owl

I nabbed this from TheFrogMan


Dreams and Goals

make dinner

“I agree”

Shit Parenting

well done!!!

shit parenting magazine


True Blood

true blood rolling stone cover



brb, avatar

Science is Awesome