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Moody Kuntz

It makes so much sense, but it doesn’t.

Moody Kuntz


Despite All My Rage

I am still just a rat in the cage


Mankind’s propensity for stupidity never ceases to amuse me.

Our friends at loltatz have recently redone their whole site. You should check them out!

As always, they have crazy tattoos. Tattoos like this:

Low Life Insurance Rates

HA! a friend of ours found this and posted it on facebook – she is not a low life. I’m stealing it…

Low Life Insurance Rates

What’s worse?

He’s snatchin your people up

Caution: The Pope is Coming

Caution: The Pope is Coming


Lost: Decade

Yo, this was before I was bornz


I Found Jesus

i found jesus


Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick

@ZekeMahogany spammed a bunch of important people on twitter with this, and then he found us… Thanks!

Snail Love


King of Scrabble

king of scrabble

Blind man denied Minn. gun permit


Cooking Your Dog

I warned you Newton the Dog, no more barking…