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Lunch Notes from my Permanent Roommate

“Anyway, when we have leftover dinner, the permanent roommate (the wife) packs us both a lunch. Since they look identical, she started leaving a Post-It note so I would know which lunch was mine. At first they just said Chris but I guess she got bored with just writing my name. She started writing funny messages. I saved my favorites.”

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Piece of Meat

We haven’t been to People of Walmart in a while. They’re still doin’ their thang…

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You Ready, Grandma?

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Make Your Own Sex Toys

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Oscar the Grouch

wow, this comic has really picked up. check out their archives.

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What is Bukkake?

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Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

Emily J. told us we should check out the website, Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.

It’s pretty good for a laugh – but I wish they were still updating it…

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Youtube Sunshine

I just realized that we haven’t been to Youtube Sunshine in a long time and decided to check it out again.

This is what I got right out of the gate!!! VICTORY!!!!!!!

I guess the (sunshine) part isn’t working anymore.

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Dear Beyonce, Now What?


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Bread Gloves

Yummm – I’m so hungry now!

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Crappy Taxidermy

I’ve been following the site Crappy Taxidermy for a while now and really like them.

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Poorly Dressed People

hmmmm – have you seen Poorly Dressed People? Kinda fun….

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Tall, Slender Redhead Available for Nighttime Recreation

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Jesus makes things so hard on me

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Scrambled Dogs?



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