A Gentleman Woos Megan Fox

The jokers at thefoggymonocle.com bring your instant message conversations back to life for the whole wide web to enjoy and we appreciate the hell out of them for it. Below is a snipit of what two fellows would do for the lovely Megan Fox. You can read the entire exchange HERE.

Lothario: dude that new transformers trailer looks legit
Romeo: oh i peeped
Lothario: i would suck a turd out of megan foxs ass, have i said that lately?
Romeo: i would suck rea out of her ass thru a straw
Lothario: i would kill you for her
Romeo: i would kill myself for her
Lothario: i would kill 500 puppies barehanded for her
Romeo: i would revive the 500 puppies you killed, just to kill them again for her
Lothario: i would rip every finger and toenail off my body with my teeth for her
Romeo: i would shoot a lethal dose of heroin right before i get behind the wheel of a school bus for her
Lothario: i would purposely contract swine flu, then lick every surface of every elementary school in all 50 states for her
Romeo: i would serve porkchops from infested swine at a charity dinner for holocaust survivors for her

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Thanks to Korbi Bare for the find

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