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American History…in Two Frames

Pretty much nailed it when I made this EPIC post.

Batman for Sherriff

He definitely picked the right position to run for.

Ice Cream Paint Job?

I spotted this gem while driving home from work and just about died laughing.  It’s almost as if this guy completely forget about the Nilla wafers painted on his car and thought he could still look like a G.

Happy Thanksgiving!

At this time of year, we give thanks for friends like you. Your support and patronage are much appreciated. 

Orange Shirt? How Gay…

At first, I saw nothing wrong with the picture – Two G’s chillin’ on the subway getting ready do some GANGSTA SHIT.  Then, I realized one was wearing Orange…

National Kick A Ginger Day: 11/20/2010

That’s right, folks.  Today is: National Kick A Ginger Day.

Disclaimer: No Gingers were harmed in the making of this post.

Gingers on Sale

I haven’t seen a sale on “Ginger Persons” this good in years!

It was only a matter of time…

Alligator Molestor

Are there really that many Alligator Molestors out there to merit a sign in English and Spanish?

Props to Brian P. on the spectacular find.

Missing Ant

Please pass this along and help Ant find his owner.

Support Our Troops

Pole Dancing Fail

Start the video at 1:09…

Come and See, eh?

Is this what the Any Given Sunday star has resorted to?  Regardless, an unusual “journey” to say the least. Spoiler: They didn’t all make it.

Kudos to Micah for the excellent find.

Awwwww shit!

Bread? No. Eggs? Nah. Milk? Psh. Kool-aid? YOU KNOW IT!


Lil’ Ron Washington

[Gordon Keith’s Twitter via Midwest Sports Fans]