Born to Roam, the Wolf T-Shirt

It’s about time someone actually speaks their mind about the wolf t-shirtwolf


3 Responses to Born to Roam, the Wolf T-Shirt
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  2. Tim Bucket
    June 30, 2009 | 10:45 pm

    I wore this shirt once in a graveyard by moonlight, thinking it would interest some of the more fashion curious werewolfs. Just when one would poke his head out, I’d get a good shot with my camera to put on my blog. Sounds like a great plan right? WRONG. It was. Not only did four werewolves come out gawking straight in front of my telescopic lens, but a ghoul fiend fell into an open grave that night as he was looking at all the COMMOTION.
    Sorry old chap, but karma’s a bitch!
    Tim Bucket

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