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Pole Dancing Fail

Start the video at 1:09…

Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick

@ZekeMahogany spammed a bunch of important people on twitter with this, and then he found us… Thanks!

Boob Apron / Cami Secret

“Life sucks enough as is, and at times, getting a peak at cleavage is all men have to look forward to…”

Diamond Shortage?!?!

OH NO!!!!!

Senate Candidate does Old Spice

Who is this jackass? What a jackass. And look at him littering all over the place…

Chatroulette Freak Show

The geniuses behind TheOutsideJoke came up with this video. Enjoy :)

Dating Montage

And, for the ladies, a dating montage. All they want is love, wait, what? That guy at 3:36 looks familiar…

The Farting Preacher

bwahahaha! We’ve been following @Rob_McCallum for a minute now and he’s the kind of asshole that deserves your respect. Thanks for the find!

I Beweave Hair Salon

I put out the call on twitter because the web has been on a comedy drought the past few days, and for that we apologize. This was spotted by @nataliemuz – thanks gurl

Burrito Express

A friend of mine spotted this commercial. It is wonderful!

From what I have deduced, the company who made this does not consider it a joke. They have made dozens of sub-par TV commercials for businesses around New Mexico. Check out their channel. It’s almost frightening that companies are paying for this…

Burrito Express from ACME TV of New Mexico on Vimeo.

The worst music video ever made

I am floored. The last 4 minutes have been the worst, most uncomfortable minutes of my life. I was laughing on the outside, but on the inside I have completely died.

Penny Lane: Literal Video Version

I know this is a little dated, but I love it!! Happy Wednesday

I love sweaty basketball players

My buddy Will just posted this, and I hadn’t Seen it for a while, so I thought I’d bring it back up.

Chimp rapes frogs.

It’s exactly what you think. So Win!

Murdered on his birthday?

Erock led us to this little piece of brilliance. Oh, teleprompter operators, you are too much!