How Avoid Hangover

We’ve snubbed Becky Johnson Burke before, when she suggested we check out Emails From An Asshole back in September.

And I was like, “girl, we already done that shit.”

And she was like, “awite, dog.”

But then she sent this in and I was like, “yeah boo, this is jiggy!”


For some people, it is better not to drink at all because they do not know when to stop. Vodka can make you feel warm and joyful, and for a while you may be acting fine, and your speech may be OK, and you want to continue drinking.

But the next morning you may experience headache, bad memories, or no memories at all. Some statistics claim that Russians get drunk 10 times slower than Europeans, even though genetically they can’t digest alcohol at all!


But if you read more information about vodka, you will know what to do before and after consuming the drink. If you know what to eat then you can enjoy this fabulous drink without any bad effect on your body.


Here’s what to do before the party. It is good to eat some oatmeal (porridge) with 50 grams of vodka. Doing this two hours prior to the party will prepare the organism and cause later consumption to have a less negative effect on the body. It is also helpful to be active before the evening; this prolongs the time to intoxication. KEEP READING…

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  1. Robin
    October 22, 2009 | 1:32 am

    50 grams? That seems like a helluva lot.

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