Mermaid Spell

Do it Kristy!


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  1. Willy
    September 7, 2009 | 12:01 pm

    Shapeshifting is a pretty old motif in magic. Most thaumaturgic systems of thought have some mention of it. I have to say though I’ve never come across an INCANTATION to turn you into something else. A quick rhyme and you’re done? That’s ridiculous. Can you fathom the complexities involved in fundamentally altering your form? Try both and I guarantee they won’t work.

    If you’re genuinely interested in this I’d look a bit deeper into some of the older mystical arts. The Egyptian sorcerers knew a far bit about the fluidity of forms – perhaps start there. Or if you genuinely have a mermaid fixation, look to your Ancient Mycenaean scrolls in which they first appear: prayers to deities such as Poseidon (god of the sea), Circe (a demi-god closely associated with shapeshifting) or Hecate (the goddess of witches) along with an offering (a sacrifice or something similar) would be more likely to work. Above all though you need to learn to tap into your Gnostic State – pushing your mind from the physical to the metaphysical, symbolised in the opening of the “third eye”, the pineal gland, to achieve union with the aetheric plane / the psychic entities that dwell there. This can usually be achieved through entheogens or meditation, perhaps a combination of both. Chants such as the one you list above originated as part of the meditation process – they were designed to be repeated ad infinitum (hence they usually rhyme to help the speaker to memorise) so the “magician” can slip into a self-hypnotised state.

    Honestly, words by themselves have very little arcane power. You’re welcome to try though.

  2. yellow
    September 10, 2009 | 12:29 pm


  3. Bethany
    May 15, 2010 | 4:15 pm


    The responder was joking. Chill

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