Milk, Taylor Swift CDs, Socks, Caskets

This was the cool thing to find this week – Walmart selling caskets online. A few people sent these in, but Jessica Z. was first so she get’s the credit.

First, it seems everyone has some sort of opinion about this, that’s great. This should not be the first time that Walmart has shocked you. Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and will sell anything it can. I fully expect them to start selling real estate, insurance, human organs, and brides within the year.

Second, Costco has been selling caskets for over a year already. Their website has a menu button called “Funeral

Sorry to be such a dickbag, I’ve got a nasty cold…

P.S. – I love how the most of these are “Out of Stock Online” already – someone’s buying them…
P.P.S. – If their website ever stops having technical difficulties, some people have written pretty funny reviews of these.


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