In it for the Parking

Bacon is Good for me: Remix

We posted this awhile ago, but I think it is worth revisiting. Especially now that it’s an awesome techno song.

Two car pile up?

It’s funny because it’s true. Submitted by Ryan.

Twizzlers is the Taste

“Chewing is tough! The animal birds chews up their food and throws it up in their kids’ mouths. C’mon! Why can’t my mom be birds”


Imagine Twitter, but the only people who are allowed to post anything are comedians.

Welcome to Witstream, where they affirm the Shakespearean saying, Brevity is the soul of wit.

Girls Are Evil

I’ve always known this, but never wanted to admit it. I guess it takes hard, mathematical proof.

i’m a shark!!!

One of my favorite memes continues to deliver. Topical Humor!!!!!!!

I'm a shark in oil

Keanu Reeves is Sad

The only thing better than this picture is the fact that he would probably say this with an expressionless face and a dry monotone voice.

Facebook is a Stupid Idiot

Laura M. sent this in.

It’s kinda like if my dad wrote a song about how much he doesn’t understand facebook, but cursed throughout it.

I wish

Why Colombia will never be taken seriously

This is one of the guys who is still in the running for President. His name is Antanas Mockus (“Super Citizen”), who is the current mayor of Bogota (one the largest cities in Colombia, btw.) What do I know though. From the looks of it, he’s definitely man enough.

Unrelated Captions: Part Duex!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You can literally take any crappy t-shirt saying, add an alpaca or a llama, and it will be funny.

Thanks Again Unrelated Captions!

The Most Interesting Domestic Abuse Case in the World

What email addresses say about you

How we get oil

Homebass sent this in.