Happy Halloween!



Look At This Dog

Honestly, I think his eyes are too close together.



Can a dog get a woman pregnant?

Don’t know? Maybe Google can suggest a search. If yes, I’m in a whole world of trouble.


Workplace Grab Ass

Everything about this picture is so WIN! Dude’s haircut, mustache and sideburns, the look on his face and his solid ass grab.

My only recommendation is to spend a little more money on a better suit.

Oh, and check your back to make sure the boss or some women’s lib. group is not looking!


Supermodel Diet

Of course! The world’s most famous supermodel has to be on the diet: vodka/Red Bull, cocaine and the back of a toothbrush.

supermodel diet barbie cocaine

Laid By The Best




Not Always Right

I’ve been by Not Always Right many, many times waiting for just the right story to make me laugh. A lot of them are great, don’t get me wrong, but not hilarious.

This one made me laugh, I’m not gonna lie. Check out their site for more. If they make you laugh, send ’em our way!



A simple NO would have done

On the coattails of lamebook.com comes facebookfails.com – still funny, though!


Hilarious Farewell Email


Since you can’t click on the youtube link in the email,
here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuBRk6tjiUQ


What would happen to me if…?

Kathrin S. sent this in – brilliant! I love how Lucas replies to the answer with, “but it was serious question.”



My Life in a Nutshell

Andrew Keet is living a fascinating life, I think. I don’t know what’s going on with him when he’s not searching for his pen or making coffee.

Either way, it’s pretty hilarious, and it reminds us of THIS which actually reminds us of THIS.


You Can’t Read

Find some images from a stock photo shoot and caption away! AWESOME, check out more HERE!



Is your name Dave?

It’s Robert, actually. Is there a Robert who keeps bourbon he doesn’t want to share?


The Office Kid

The single, non-smoker, without children has always gotten the shaft when it came to time off at work. That’s bullshit! Why do your coworkers get to leave when little Johnny has a headache at school?

It’s your time to fight back! The Office Kid sets you up with all you need to pretend you have a child.


Tweeting Too Hard

We’ve been to Tweeting Too Hard before, and I decided to go back this morning. Here’s a sample, have fun!