Learn from my Mistakes #123

Mitch Fatel is hilarious. I’ve watched his standup for several years and now I can catch up with him by the minute on this new invention called twitter or something. Check it!



Keyboard Cat

I must admit that I have a bias. I am the owner of a record label and I’m always looking for new talent, so when I came across this I thought, “Keyboard Cat is so famous, and this feline is younger, cuter and probably more versatile. I’m going to be rich!”

Upon flying to New Zealand (where this cat lives), I soon learned that I was terribly wrong. First, and completely news to me, Keyboard Cat is not real. Second, this cat has absolutely no musical talent.

Either way, I signed the kitty for a three year deal and a $250,000 advance in hopes that at least these dancing lessons will pay off. You gotta spend money to make money, ‘eh?


Keyboard Cat himself, after the fold.

Get Out of My Picture!

So, there we are, just minding our own business, setting up a beautiful photo of my lover and Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park-Canada when some stupid humans ruin the shot.

I told Vanessa to hold still as I readied the focus and centered the shot when these two sophomoric homo-erecti decide to photobomb my shit and make complete asses of themselves. Ridiculous!



I kissed a girl, and I liked it, then I went to Hell

Katy Perry sang how she enjoyed her make-out session with a member of the same sex and pastor David M. Allison was pissed. So mad, Allison changed his church’s sign, granted nationwide interviews to news organizations, and preached about how un-biblical same sex relationships are.

True, this happened several months ago, but I don’t have cable, and fuck, this song is catchy…


Porn Star or Potato?

I found this gem while kicking around twitter. My score was a 13, beat me – but know, it’s harder than you think.


[pornstarorpotato.com] found by @robbyanderson

Chuck Norris vs. Paper

chuck norris paper throw at student

Breast Feeding Baby Doll

Bebe Gloton, preparing teenagers for pregnancy one step at a time.

We Can’t Think of a Caption for This…


submitted by Homebass

Abraham Lincoln in Escape From LA


But, in case you don’t know what we’re talking about, try this…


Planned Parenthood Protestors

Craigslist! I love you!!



Selling my truck.


Parking in San Francisco is Dangerous for your Kids



What the Hell is Wrong with Us?

“I think this pretty much speaks for itself”




Ah, this fool had it coming.


[facebook.com] submitted by Homebass

Penis Magazine

penis magazine

Someone was using this magazine image in a presentation at work. Apparently, I am the only dirty-minded person around.