Rude People

iphone-hectorWho is this jerk? Why was he such a jerk? Could you believe this? It would probably be appropriate for me to blur out his phone number, but I’m not going to.

I did not write him back after this, what you see is the whole conversation.

For a moment it seemed like a fun thing we had going on, like a future text message only pen pal or something, but then this shit.

Part of the problem is, there are probably a dozen friends of mine who would start a text message conversation like this, like, “Wats up pussy fabian.”

My true friends, though, know how I feel about text messages. If you’ve sent me more than 4 in one day, you should probably just call, because I’m probably agitated with the back and forth.

And another thing, please take care of your terrible grammar. I am no grammar king, but I know that you’re wrong “hector.”

How about a quick lesson:

“What’s up pussy fabian?”
“Your daddy.”
“No, you can”  – though an incomplete sentence
“No, it’s really Hector.”
“Is this Marcos or Fabian?”
“Fuck you, then!”

Good luck to you Hector. I hope you eventually got in contact with Marcos or Fabian. Then, I hope you slam your fingers in the car door for this ridiculous exclamation of your idiocy and insensitivity.

<3 Rob

One Response to Rude People
  1. Bradass
    May 13, 2009 | 4:20 pm

    I don’t think Hector was out of line.

    If you are not the person that I want to you to be… fuck you.

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