Snowboard Bumper

If this isn’t the damn craziest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. See it, and more wild patents at


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Snowboard Bumper
US Patent Issued In 2000

Learning to snowboard can be difficult. The subtle twists and turns necessary to control a snowboard can get lost in the chaos of merely staying upright.Falling down is all part of the learning experience, even for accomplished skiers. So how do you keep from hurting yourself while you’re still in the klutz phase of training?  The Snowboarder Bumper!

This handy device fits most boarders and is worn like a vest, only it’s bigger, much bigger. When you start to fall down the Snowboarder Bumper will keep you upright enough to recover your balance quickly and easily (at least that’s the theory). Tree getting in your way? No problem, you’ll just bounce right off. If you do manage to fall down you may just become the world’s largest living snowball. Helpful hint: don’t forget to remove your bumper before attempting to enter the lodge.

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