The First Time I Jerked Off…


The first time I jerked off I thought I had invented it. No joke. I was convinced I had created what was going to be the most insanely popular thing ever. I didn’t really have any plan of promoting it, but I was instantly convinced that it would make me famous. Everywhere I’d go people would point and say “That’s him. That’s Gus. He’s the reason why your Mother and I aren’t divorced yet.” And I’d smile and wave and shake their hands. I’d get personal calls from world leaders and have parades thrown in my honor. I’d get elected President on the everyone-cool-off-and-meet-back-here-in-a-half-an-hour platform. I’d accept the nobel peace prize and go to sleep each night knowing that, because of me, the world at large was a little more relaxed.

And maybe, now, a little hungry.


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