The Liberation of Adam Lambert: Wild Idol


Adam Lambert: Now get me the raccoon.

Production Assistant: Um, there’s a lot of stuff here. I’m not sure we have room for the raccoon.

AL: What do you mean no room for the raccoon? This photograph is about liberation. From the
shackles of society! How can you say that without a raccoon?

PA: Well, you’ve got the chains. And the bracelets and the tie and butterfly and the bed and the belt
and the unbuttoned shirt and the…Okay, I’ll get the rac- Ow! He bit me. The little fucker bit me!

AL: Of course he bit you, Olivier, he’s a liberated raccoon. What else would you expect from a
liberated raccoon, a kiss on the ass?

PA: Um. It’s kind of bleeding. Should I…

AL: Should you bring me the raccoon? Yes. Bring me the raccoon.

PA: **Sigh** Where do you want it?

AL: **Pointing to his cock.**


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