The Way

CHOREOGRAPHER: Well, you know what’s going to really sell this Father Tom?

FATHER TOM: What’s that?

CHOREOGRAPHER: Michael’s dance at 1:56, it’s gonna kill!

FATHER TOM: We will be having no murder in our church.

CHOREOGRAPHER: No, no, no. This is 2008 Father Tom, you need to really jazz it up or else you just lose your audience. Trust me, I’m a professional. As a matter of fact, we need them all spinning and shuffling. It’s just not enough with their matching outfits.

FATHER TOM: Alright, but as long as nobody makes a mockery out of our congregation, like on “youtube dot com” or anything…

CHOREOGRAPHER: One more thing, Michael’s going to need a lavalier microphone.

spotted by Heather Rex

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